Our Vision


We will grow more than sustainable and earth friendly crops on The Happiness Ranch, we will also grow sustainable happiness.

Our vision is simple: to bring this concept to the world.

Every person who becomes happier as a result of specific and scientifically proven actions can then go out and make others happier, too. Happiness is contagious. Just by being around other happy people, we can increase our own personal satisfaction by up to 25%.

To put that into perspective, getting a raise at work can only increase our happiness by about 2%. So meeting happy people is like getting close to 12 raises, instantly.

That’s why on The Happiness Ranch people will have an opportunity to play farmer for a week to ten days, work the land, learn about how to best cultivate the land in a sustainable way and then engage in retreat and outreach activities to cultivate their personal happiness.

Sustainable Framing

Sustainable farming is the differentiator that has been overlooked in many instances until now. Organic and sustainable farming should emanate from every area of agriculture. From water conservation to organic farming techniques, a sustainable farm should have the ability to generate almost everything the ecosystem needs on site.

The Happiness Ranch will focus on fulfilling a bio-diverse landscape throughout every aspect of sustainable farming, which will build lasting relationships—where relaxation and community meets the heart and soul of farming.

Retreat Amenities

The principle of retreat amenities applies to positive individual and land interaction as well as the interactive activities and services throughout the farm that cultivate the landscape and its people.

The Happiness Ranch will offer an array of services to relaxation and education allowing individuals to select those which best fit their needs. In other words—provide the right fit for every individual to find “custom fit” in farming and relaxation.

By designing flexible amenities that are available throughout the day—such as agricultural tours, cooking classes, wine classes, Yoga, speakers, DIY classes, spa treatments—The Happiness Ranch can offer flexible retreat options to individuals looking for quality services and excitement while still engaging a basic human need—relaxation and education.


Creating a community may seem, on the surface, to be not a defining factor of well-being, but as illustrated by Meghan Casserly in an article published on Forbes, not being social with others or having a sense of community (even for a short period of time) can be as harmful as smoking fifteen cigarettes a day, being an alcoholic, never exercising, and twice as dangerous as obesity.

Offering powerful education and well-designed activities which can be used to fit many different needs will enable The Happiness Ranch to build long-term communal success for both farm and people alike—creating a lasting community.

So we believe we can think globally but act locally by raising money to build The Happiness Ranch. First-hand and everyday experience has shown us how good work and community can heal the soul.

It’s not just about becoming happier today, but cultivating our internal happiness for a happier future. Get involved now by opening your hearts to The Happiness Ranch.