Top 4 Happiest Celebrities

Ever wonder who the happiest celebrities are? Our top 4 picks for the happiest celebrities.

John Cleese- Comedian

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Humor makes us happier and no man has made us laugh harder or for a longer period of time than John Cleese. Staring in one of his most memorable films The Monty Python and The Holly Grail, John Cleese continues to make us laugh and is among the funniest and happiest people in Hollywood.


Andy Murry- Professional Tennis Player

Andy Murray encourages people to get involved with their community and global issues through his social media showing that good things can come out of Facebook. Plus with his most recent victory against Florian Mayer to reach last 16 of Madrid Open has not only put him on top of his game, but also his own happiness.


Beyonce- Singer

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Beyonce: singer, actress and mom is happier than ever with her perfect life and family. Recent philanthropist, Beyonce has donated much of her  ticket sales to support charitable causes. Currently, Beyonce is in the middle of the European leg of her world tour.


Jami Gertz- Actress

Jami Gertz and her husband Anthony Ressler donated over 10 million dollars last year. Giving back can make everyone happier and we can all find some time, money and/or support to donate to someone in need.

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