in Huntington Beach, Calif., Monday, Jan. 21, 2013.  ( Photo/Lori Shepler)At The Happiness Movement, we think there’s a science behind staying happy. Our team of happy people are formed by everyday individuals living out their lives in their own personal happiness style. Recognizing that no one arrives at happiness just by chance, but by taking specific actions.

To come to this conclusion, Jessica started her journey just over five years ago when she went through a time in her life where she was very unhappy.

When she decided she needed to make adjustments, Jessica’s mantra was just one-word ‘Change.’ She invested a lot into the self-help industry and techniques, which should have made an impact, but didn’t – she was just as unhappy as before!

She quickly realized that she wasn’t the only one who had experienced this total let down by the self-help industry – she wasn’t alone. The self-help industry did exist but now has become saturated with one-size-fits-all solutions that don’t work for everyone and every time.

From that day forward, Jessica has happily and passionately started the grassroots happiness revolution: The Happiness Movement to form a better way to define our personal happiness through scientific research and talking with hundreds of people about happiness.

It all comes down to one thing: our baseline happiness – this is the kind of happiness you can feel when you change nothing about yourself and take small tailored actions that equal big happy results. This way you can tap into your internal happy center whenever you want.

Happiness is both a journey and destination that is created and supported by knowledge, communication and actions. Given a chance, happiness will grow and, if nurtured, thrive. And if the happiness you nurture is your own, it will last.

Jessica’s body of work includes; 1,095 Reasons to be Happy: Your Gratitude Journal, your go-to gratitude journal for personal happiness. And the highly anticipated book, and available for per order, Addicted to Happiness the pocket book to personal and lasting happiness is predicted to hit shelves by December 2015.

She travels to give monthly talks about happiness from her home in Los Angeles and has started the widely popular The Happiness Movement to help people find and define their happiness and spread it to others. She has spent over a decade in journalism and writing.


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