Meet Jessica

in Huntington Beach, Calif., Monday, Jan. 21, 2013. ( Photo/Lori Shepler)At The Happiness Ranch, we think there are sustainable actions behind staying happy. We know it’s a far-fetched idea – growing a happier world on a farm – though we also believe in miracles.

Our Story

The Happiness Ranch was founded by a team of individuals experienced in business, hospitality and agriculture who identified an essential need to reconnect with ourselves, others and the earth as well as create biodiversity in areas of monoculture systems.

While most retreats and hospitality options offer relaxing accommodations—surprisingly few have the necessary components to round out a truly unique experience, until now.

Jessica Veen, speaker and Founder of  The Happiness Ranch powered by The Happiness Movement, believes wholeheartedly in the power of the earth to heal. She is a passionate farmer and lover of the earth and has been through what she now calls her ‘dark’ period. She believes it is a miracle she is able to bring what she has learned to the world, one person at a time.

To come to this conclusion, Jessica started her journey just over five years ago when she went through a time in her life when she knew she had to make some serious adjustments. Then recently, she received her true wake up call. A near death experience that compelled her to want to start a suitable farm that functions as retreat dedicated to bringing more happiness to the world. The retreat is not physically on this planet, yet, but lives within her heart.

From that day forward, Jessica has happily and passionately started the grassroots happiness revolution: The Happiness Ranch to form a better way to define and discover our personal happiness.

Happiness is both an life long experience that is created and supported by knowledge, communication and actions. Given a chance, happiness will grow and, if nurtured, thrive. And if the happiness you nurture is your own, it will last.

Jessica’s body of work includes; Just Add Water: A Mix of Poetry, your go-to love poem mix. And the highly anticipated book, and available for per order, Addicted to Happiness: 3 Ways to Growing the Happiness You Deserve the pocket book to personal and lasting happiness. Jessica hopes her work can help many find a “soft landing” after plummeting through feelings of unhappiness – as it has helped her.