in Huntington Beach, Calif., Monday, Jan. 21, 2013.  ( Photo/Lori Shepler)Jessica Lauren, the founder of  The Happiness Movement powered by 1, 2, 3 Happy, and author of 1,095 Reasons to be Happy: Your Gratitude Journal, has a decade of experience in print journalism and motivational speaking. Her work has appeared in numerous daily and weekly web outlets, local magazines, and newspapers.

She has appeared on local news channels and has spent the last five years engaging with people of all ages, economic strata, and backgrounds to research individuals who lead lives full of accomplishment and inspiration.

She travels to give monthly talks about happiness from her home in Los Angeles and has started the widely popular Happiness Movement to help people find and define their happiness and spread it to others. Her interests include researching human potential, art, and outdoor pursuits. Currently, she is involved in what she believes to be her life’s work: helping others find and define what makes them happy.

Learn about Jessica Lauren as an author, speaker, model.


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