in Huntington Beach, Calif., Monday, Jan. 21, 2013.  ( Photo/Lori Shepler)In most cases the common belief is that happiness, on the whole, is about personal choice. You either choose to be to be happy or you remain unhappy. However, at The Happiness Movement we’d like to believe that there is a science and a specific method behind staying happy.

We’d like to think that we’re in the business of helping people become happier and in doing so also helping them define their personal style of happiness.

Just over five years ago, Jessica Lauren went through a time in her life where she felt miserable, bridging on depressed. The causes were strongly related to her feeling she didn’t possess the social attributes or the specific things to lead a successful and happy life.

That’s when the journey started to have an impact on her own personal happiness and those around her.

To mediate these often debilitating feelings, she did what most would do: saw her doctor. However it wasn’t as expected. As the doctor tried to prescribe a bunch of medicines, which did not sound like an action plan to Jessica. At that point, Jessica specifically remembers thinking that this wasn’t good enough—and that was the critical moment.

She decided from that moment on and for the next year, Jessica’s mantra was just one word ‘Change.’ She would adopt a lot of self-help techniques. From thinking positive to joining a gym to get in shape, she invested a lot in the self-help industry, which should have made an impact.

Yet it wasn’t enough and at the end of the year all she has was possibly in better health, but still felt very unhappy!

She quickly realized that she wasn’t the only one out there that had experienced this total let down. She wasn’t alone.

It dawned on her that we often quickly rely on a form of relief that is actually a whole industry running profit centers around people like her and others. These profit centers can exploit happy seekers who are often in fact unhappy.

This is like putting a Band-Aid over the systemic issues behind why so many face feelings of unhappiness.

The self-help industry did exist, but now has become saturated with one-size-fits-all solutions that don’t work for everyone and every time. What is lacking is the acknowledgement that every person is an individual and requires tailored actions designed for their personal type of happiness.

From that day forward, Jessica has happily and passionately started the grassroots happiness revolution: The Happiness Movement to form a better way to define our personal happiness. Called our baseline happiness – this is the kind of happiness you can feel when you change nothing about yourself and take small tailored actions that equal big happy results. This way you can tap into your internal happy center whenever you want.

The Happiness Movement team is formed by everyday people living out their lives in their own personal happiness style. Recognizing that no one arrives at happiness just by chance. You don’t receive the benefits of lasting happiness without taking specific actions.

Happiness is both a journey and destination that is created and supported by knowledge, communication and actions. Given a chance, happiness will grow and, if nurtured, thrive. And if the happiness you nurture is your own, it will last.

Jessica’s body of work includes; 1,095 Reasons to be Happy: Your Gratitude Journal, your go-to gratitude journal for personal happiness.

And the highly anticipated book, and available for per order, Addicted to Happiness the pocket book to personal and lasting happiness is predicted to hit shelves by December 2015.

She travels to give monthly talks about happiness from her home in Los Angeles and has started the widely popular The Happiness Movement to help people find and define their happiness and spread it to others.

Her interests include researching human potential, art and outdoor pursuits. Currently, she is involved in what she believes to be her life’s work: helping others find and define what makes them happy.

Learn about Jessica Lauren Jessica Lauren as an author, speaker, model.


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