happy pop quiz

Discover the things that make you happy.


1. Claude Monet was a famous


a. Painter

b. Composer

c. Opera Singer

d. Farmer

2. If you mix the colors red and blue you get


a. Orange

b. Green

c. Black

d. Purple

3. Feng Shui is a


a. Type of food

b. Type of dress

c. Type of design element

d. Type of tree

4. What is a Pizzicato?


a. A type of pizza

b. A famous actor

c. A musical term that means ‘pluck’

d. A musical term that means ‘bow’

5. Who was Frederic Chopin?


a. A famous ballerina

b. A famous singer

c. A famous composer

d. a famous guitar player

6. The standard keys and notes of a piano in order are


a. F-H-A-B-E-C-D

b. B-G-D-A-E-F-A

c. G-D-F-E-F-A-D

d. C-D-E-F-G-A-B

7. The sequence of four words “square, glove, clock, bird” correspond to this sequence of numbers


a. 2, 3, 5, 6

b. 4, 5, 12, 2

c. 6,7,4,5

d. 1,4,2,3

8. Pear is to apple as potato is to


a. Radish

b. Grape

c. Banana

d. Orange

9. Joe is taller than Kyle. Ralph is taller than Joe. Therefore,


a. Kyle is the tallest

b. Joe is the tallest

c. Kyle is the shortest

d. Joe is the shortest

10. What are pliers?


a. A tool used to pry and bend

b. A tool used to saw

c. A tool used to cut

d. A tool used to hammer

11. If Kelly wanted to hang a heavy painting on her wall she would first use a _____ to support the screw.


a. Long nail

b. Thick nail

c. Short nail

d. Drywall anchor

12. Best way to define a cylinder head in a car’s engine?


a. A spark plug

b. Forms the combustion chamber

c. An axle

d. Makes the exhaust pipe

13. What does plié mean in ballet?


a. Bend of the knees

b. Jump in the air

c. On the ball of the foot

d. Tap toe on ground

14. How many meters is one lap around a standard Olympic oval track?


a. 200

b. 300

c. 100

d. 400

15. If there are two people standing in front of you, one person at your right side and three at your left, how do you leave?


a. Push through the two in front of you

b. Squeeze through the three at your left

c. Kick the one on your right in the shin and run

d. Move back, turn around and walk away

16. Which word’s meaning is the closest to PROPOSAL?


a. Suggestion

b. Incident

c. Knowledge

d. Gather

17. The football player was well ______, but still made ______ like a novice.


a. Rested, jumps

b. Trained, mistakes

c. Read, leaps

d. Educated, hits

18. Which one is spelled incorrectly?


a. Epistemology

b. Horrible

c. Surounded

d. Misspelled

19. 79X43=


a. 1102

b. 2315

c. 3323

d. 3397

20. If one newspaper costs $.75 each then how much does 6 newspapers cost?


a. $3.25

b. $5.50

c. $6.75

d. $4.50

21. Nine rosters, three pigs and two sheep have


a. 52 legs

b. 38 legs

c. 30 legs

d. 24 legs

22. When a plant is wilting it probably means it needs


a. To be shaken

b. To be watered

c. To be left alone

d. Taken back to the store

23. When you see someone having trouble crossing the street, you can


a. Call someone

b. Walk past them

c. Help them walk across the street

d. Run past them

24. You’re playing soccer and you recognize a chance to make a goal, you


a. Take your shot

b. Kick the ball as hard as you can

c. Do a defensive play

d. Pass the ball to another team member and together make the goal