4 Ways to Feel Happier Instantly

You can improve your optimism by implementing these four simple activities into your daily routine.

Reach Out


Gratitude is a noteworthy skill which brings a lot of satisfaction into our lives. Expressing gratitude can increase positive emotions, which play a important role in boosting our mood. To do this, try writing emails to your loved ones who have supported you or gone out of their way for you recently.

Get Social


Happiness is contagious. Your happiness rubs off on your friends and then their happiness rubs off on their friends and so on–this can increase your happiness by almost 25%. To make yourself and others happier get involved with an energetic crowd. You can go to a rock concert, motivational seminar, exercise class, and/or hang out with a group of your closest friends.


Improve Your Future Self


There will always be things we wish we could change about ourselves. Yet how many times have we tried to change, but didn’t completely follow through? To circumvent this, you can write three things you would like to change about yourself. Then next to each, you will write a doable and positive activity or behavior.

For example: if you are a smoker, and would like to change this behavior, you could write “I want to quit smoking.” From there, a positive activity that is both doable and a positive stepping stone could be, “Taking longer walks.” This can, over time, change your behavior to be healthier and happier and could one day help you quit smoking.


Study Up on What Makes You Happy


We all have activities that make us happier. It could be bike riding, snorkeling or even horse back riding. Whatever it is, you can do more research on the subjects, projects and activities that make you happier. After researching, you will be motivated to engage in these activities on a daily basis.

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