2 Ways to Be Like The Happiest Celebrities

Ever wonder why celebrities are so happy (aside from their fame, money, and expensive toys)?

1. Most Celebrities Give Back

The happiest celebrities give their time (sometimes money) to causes they feel strongly about and you can do the same. A great place to start is with your closest friends and family who have recently gone out of their way to help you. Express your gratitude by writing them a letter, taking them out for lunch or planning a dinner party in their honor.

Or get involved with a charity or volunteer group that interests you. Engaging consistently with charitable, religious and/or social groups will make you and others happier.

2. They Stay Active


Engage in an activities, projects or tasks that makes you happier. Whether that’s going to the gym or putting on a smile, you have do something that puts you in a better mood. Then it’s setting aside five minutes to an hour a day for an activity that makes you happier. Over time these small acts will produce big happy results.

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